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10 Tips On How To Lose 10 lbs

1. ​Weigh yourself every morning.
2. ​Drink 16 oz of water 1hr before and after each meal. So, drink 64oz to 128oz of water daily. 
3. ​Pay attention to what you eat. Read labels. Count daily calories.​ 
4. ​Eat 3 to 4 small meals daily. Always eat a breakfast...
5. Eat Foods that are high in protein, low in fat and carbohydrates and sugar.
6. Do not eat more than 8 oz in one sitting. ​Never eat more than one carb per meal. 
7. ​Do not eat within 3 hours before bedtime. 
8. Sleep at least 7 consecutive hours daily.
9. Schedule.... exercise every day ...
10. Only reward yourself with foods high in fat and carbs ... twice a month.   Eat Better! Live Better!


Hear about how the Da Vinci Si has drastically changed outcomes in the surgical fields. 

Single Site Da Vinci Cholecystectomy

A Better Cosmetic Result


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