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Aftercare Program

How it Works

It is well known that before patients can be approved for bariatric surgery, extensive education, a thorough medical and psychological evaluation, and an assessment of compliance and readiness to make the necessary lifestyle modifications must be implicated. However, what may not be known, but is highly suggested by the data is that some patients have a difficult time adjusting to the expected drastic change in their lives. Just like in any stressful situation that involve change, whether it is a move, divorce, a new job, a new birth or death, or traumatic event, the lifestyle modifications and overall changes in appearance, health, and associated benefits have proven to be rewarding, but stressful. Patients often require more psychological support after surgery than before surgery. It behooves all bariatric patients to adhere to a strict aftercare program that involves group therapy, continued education, dietary guidance, medical monitoring, and service to others. So, the patient will attend a post surgery class about one week after surgery. The patient will see the dietitian and surgeon on a frequent basis for the first year after surgery, and then yearly for the rest of his or her life. Yes! If you decide to have surgery with us, you have decided to see us for the rest of your life. Finally, we encourage all patients to give back by serving other people. Tell someone else about the good news. Educate those around you, and help us change the community. 

How We are Different

We are different from other programs because we recognize that there may be some personal situations that should and must be discussed on an individual basis. Therefore, we suggest that patients see a therapist for a short period after surgery to help ensure mental, emotional,  social, spiritual, and behavioral security during the journey to a healthier and better life.

Our Goal

Our goal is to empower the patient with tools that can be used throughout life's journey. We will be your gladiators, and we will build your armor, but you must use the weapons to maintain longterm success. 

Group Therapy:

Thursdays at 6pm


Thursdays at 7pm

Postoperative Class: 

Fridays at 10:00am

Preoperative Class: 

Fridays at 11:00am

Didactic Lectures: 

Fridays at 12:00pm

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