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 Dr. Mimms 28 Day Challenge

1. About the Challenge - The 28 day challenge was created to provide a jump start to lifestyle change, which is necessary to maintain and continue weight loss. We have made behavior change easier by removing the toughest aspect of change including organizing your thoughts, preparing ahead of time, and making decisions. We have made the decisions for you. You just have to follow the guide.  This challenge incorporates the key principles of cleansing your body, increasing your metabolism, confusing your muscles to prevent plateau, and controlling your appetite. 

2. Detox - There are several ways to detox. You can do this before you start the challenge or incorporate it into the first week. You can use Miralax, Metamucil, or a probiotic daily and eat a vegetable (spinach, broccoli, cabbage, greens, or green beans) with each meal.

3. Products - There are many products that can help facilitate weight loss. You will likely require an energy drink. For many, black coffee without cream and sugar will suffice. For others there are energy drinks with artificial sweeteners or stevia and caffeine that may help with energy. You can also be prescribed medication to help with energy and cravings. 

4. Plate Method - The plate method is very important rule to follow that teaches the right behavior when eating. This method keeps the portions of each meal small and well balanced. Each meal should be 50% vegetables, 25% whole grain, and 25% protein/meat. A diet or challenge may introduce less carbs so the plate method may be modified to decrease carbs (i.e, keto, atkins, etc). A vegan diet may replace meat with a high protein alternative. 

5. Exercise - Many make the mistake of exercising alone. This may result in the failure to lose weight or even weight gain. You must change your diet by eating 3 to 4 well balanced high protein meals daily. We have added tips with exercise, but it is meant to be in junction with diet control. 

6. Water Intake - You should drink 1 oz of water for each kilogram of weight. So if you way 155lbs, you are 60kilograms in weight, so you should drink 60 oz of water daily. The best way to drink enough water is to start your daily with a bottle of water that is at room temperature at the bedside. Then you should drink a bottle or water or 8 to 16 oz of water between each meal. 

7. Recipes - Recipes for the meals included in the challenge are available. Contact us to obtain a copy of the recipes. 


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