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Take Control Weight Loss Program

We have researched the most popular weight loss programs in the nation and in this region. We recognize that not one program fits all patients because we are all unique. We have different strengths and weakness, body types and metabolisms, lifestyles and commitments, palates and cravings. One fact remains, however; we must all commit to healthy habits which can be done for the rest of our lives. Following a plan that is expensive, unpalatable, and unsatisfactory is not realistically going to work longterm. God gave us palates to enjoy all of the wonderful flavors in the world, but just like with all things, we have to learn how to take control.

Our Non-Surgical Weight Loss Program conforms to each individual while implementing key principles:

  • Satisfied while eating less
  • Established exercise routine
  • Counted calories
  • Medical Supervision
  • Monitored weight loss
  • Permanent lifestyle changes
  • Recipes and Nutrition plans
  • Maximized Energy

We will modify the plan for each person as the weight comes off, and as the body composition changes. We look forward to seeing you at our free seminar, and we hope that you decide to take control of your life. 

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