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Education is The Key

We believe that the best way to treat a patient and give maximum care is through education. Patients require more than our excellent bedside manner, prompt response to their needs, and technical expertise. They deserve the time it takes to sit down, listen, and teach. We aim to teach our patients and their families about their medical conditions with the associated causes, treatments, and expected outcomes. Moreover, we want the patient to learn how to prevent recurrences and potential complications. Through education, our goal is to empower the patient with the competence to care for herself or himself. 

Bariatric patients, whether surgical or non-surgical, require more education than most patients because they will experience a major change in their lifestyles. The educational process starts here at this website. It continues as soon as the patient visits a seminar. If the patient decides to continue along the journey to a better life, then he or she will start a series of lectures in addition to a one-on-one lecture about nutrition with a dietitian.  The lectures will involve information about common medical problems associated with obesity, diabetes, and GERD. Other lectures including weight management, changing habits, getting organized, and shopping better. These lectures will be given during the special topics education class.

Every surgical candidate for bariatric surgery must learn more about themselves as they undergo a thorough psychological evaluation by the psychologist. This self awareness will help each patient to set realistic goals. Once surgery is approved, the patient will continue learning in a preoperative class two weeks before surgery, followed by a postoperative class one week after successful surgery. The teaching continues from there as the dietitian keeps the patient on tract with adequate nutrition. The patient will then learn even more about themselves in the aftercare program, which will help the patient to cope with change. Moreover, all patients will continue to see the nurse educator and Dr. Mimms to ensure continued education. 

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