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Body Sculpting

*SmartLipo TriPlex

*Cellulite with Cellulaze

*Sculpture (25 minute non-invasive way to eliminate fat)

*Natural Breast Augmentation

*Brazilian Butt Lift


In Office Surgeries


*Tummy Tuck

*Neck Lift with PrecisionTx



*Clinical Facials

*Skin Care Products

*Chemical Peels

Cosmetic Injectable Products

•Botox, Dysport

•Juvederm, Voluma, Radiesse


IPL Laser Treatments

*Photo facials

*Skin Resurfacing

* Hair Removal


(severe underarm sweating)

Botox, PrecisionTx


Keloid Scars



*Weight Loss products

•Products for Energy

Freedom Medical Weight Loss

*Adipex, Qysemia, Topomax, *Vyvanse, BelviQ

Take Control Weight Loss Program

*Medications plus

*Dietitian, Cooking Demos, *Exercise Trainer

Bariatric surgery

•Da Vinci Sleeve Gastrectomy

•DA Vinci Gastric Bypass

Da Vinci Surgery

•Single Site Cholecystectomy (gallbladder surgery)

•Reflux Surgery (Hiatus hernia, Nissen)

•Retro-rectus Ventral Hernia surgery with component release

•Inguinal Hernia surgery (Groin Hernia)

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